IDF Carry’s Out ‘Limited’ Raid

This morning, Israeli forces carried out a significant raid in the Gaza Strip, surpassing previous limited ground operations following the brutal October 7 terror attacks by Hamas, which claimed the lives of over 1,200 Israelis. The Jewish state has mobilized its military for a potentially protracted conflict in Gaza, which could escalate into a two-front war involving Lebanon. Should Israel invade Gaza, Hezbollah has pledged to wage an all-out war.

This event is inevitable. The recent military operation, involving the deployment of Israeli armored units, effectively neutralized multiple anti-tank missile posts, tunnels, and other elements of Hamas’ defensive infrastructure in northern Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has established a unity government with a steadfast commitment to eradicating Hamas both militarily and politically. Presently, this is the sole viable option to safeguard Israel’s security and prevent a repetition of the turmoil and devastation experienced on October 7th.

The ongoing ground war, aimed at achieving the objectives set by Israeli commanders to bring an end to Hamas, could potentially extend for months or even years. In addition, there is a specific date set for the ground offensive, which includes the important mission of rescuing hostages taken by terrorists during the attack on October 7th. Reports suggest that Jerusalem is awaiting the deployment of additional American assets to the region, including multiple anti-ballistic missile defense systems.

During a White House speech, Biden said he doesn’t believe Hamas claims.

When a reporter tried to insinuate that Biden giving the green light for Israel to invade Gaza would put hostages at risk Biden gave a snarky response.


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