65 Year Old Woman Wakes Up From Surgery With Two Things She Didn’t Want & A BIG Bill

A 65-year-old American woman, Kimberly McCormick, is facing unexpected challenges after undergoing surgery at a Mexican clinic. Seeking excess skin removal and a breast lift after losing 150 pounds, McCormick was shocked to discover she had received breast implants and a Brazilian butt lift, procedures she claims she never consented to.

McCormick, who had a successful surgery at the same clinic six years prior, woke up to an unforeseen outcome, triggering distress and prompting her to reach out to her daughter immediately.

The estimated cost of the intended procedure in Mexico is approximately $13,000, significantly lower than the reported cost of over $50,000 in the United States. However, the unexpected surgeries could potentially cost McCormick $75,000 to rectify, leaving her family to start a GoFundMe campaign to manage the financial burden, according to News Nation.

Beyond the cosmetic complications, McCormick experienced severe physical symptoms, including a partial lung collapse, blue lips, and fingertips. Her daughter, Misty Ann McCormick, alleges that she was physically assaulted when she attempted to intervene in the aftermath of the botched surgeries.

“I was manhandled, beaten with machine guns, kicked in my ribs, kicked between my legs, thrown out of the hospital physically,” Misty Ann McCormick revealed, detailing the distressing incident.

The situation sheds light on the potential risks associated with seeking medical procedures abroad, raising concerns about consent, patient safety, and the aftermath of unexpected outcomes. As the family grapples with both the physical and financial consequences of the botched surgeries, the incident underscores the importance of thorough research and caution when considering medical treatments outside one’s home country.

Daily Caller


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