Ackman Responds To Business Insider

For those who don’t know, Bill Ackman is a very healthy hedge fund manager.

The wealthy billionaire was upset about how Harvard was handling antisemitism on campus following the October 7 attack and pulled a $70 million donation. There are also reports that he was a catalyst behind the movement to remove then-Harvard president Claudine Gay.

Gay was forced to resign after multiple reports uncovered that she had plagiarized several academic papers.

The left-wing media outlet Business Insider decided to publish an attack piece on Ackman’s wife, Neri Oxman, claiming part of her academic work at MIT was also plagiarized.

Ackman strongly refuted the claims and said that not only was he going to prove them wrong he was retribution.

Oxman and Ackman was lawyerup and they’ve already poke several holes in the Business insider story.

Some of the discrepancies seem to surround Wikipedia.

Our lawyers used the Wayback Machine to check @MIT‘s plagiarism policy back when Neri wrote her thesis in 2009. It turns out that MIT’s academic integrity handbook did not require citation or even mention Wikipedia until 2013, four years after Neri wrote her dissertation and used Wikipedia for the definitions of 15 words and/or terms,” Ackman wrote in a long social media post. “Bear in mind that 2009 was still pretty early days for Wikipedia. Interestingly, Business Insider also used the Wayback Machine to research MIT’s plagiarism policy, but only when they cited it to manufacture plagiarism claims against Neri.” 

Ackman isn’t stopping there; it would appear that he has a legal team investigating Business Insiders reporters looking for plagiarism.

The left never learns. They went after the Babylon Bee, and Elon bought it because he was a fan and friend of the online blog. Now they go after a billionaire’s wife who has the money to destroy their company completely.


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