Administration Pushes Social Media Censoring

The relationship between the Biden Administration and Big Tech companies, particularly Google’s YouTube and Facebook, has come under the spotlight recently.

In the past week, documents have surfaced revealing requests from the Biden administration to these tech giants, urging them to censor content promoting COVID vaccine hesitancy. The documents, obtained by The Daily Wire, were shared with House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan and offer detailed insights into the communication between these entities.

An email dated April 18, 2021, evidences Facebook’s Global Affairs President, Nick Clegg’s apprehensions after a conversation with Senior White House advisor Andy Slavitt. Slavitt deemed Facebook to be “lagging behind” YouTube in implementing the removal of content promoting vaccine hesitancy. Simultaneously, YouTube was recognized for making “significant advances” in the same.

The underlying theme from these correspondences traces back to a broader concern for both parties: misinformation. The White House called out Facebook for falling behind other social platforms in these matters, even labeling it as a “disinformation factory.” Meanwhile, Slavitt commended YouTube for its efforts in reducing sources of vaccine hesitancy.

Earlier this year, the disclosure of the “Facebook Files” showed that Facebook was being pressured by the Biden administration to limit speech that the government deemed concerning. Furthermore, they seemed to stifle certain outlets like The Daily Wire while promoting more traditional media outlets. Concerns also arose regarding Facebook’s algorithm, with administration officials suggesting changes aimed at promoting the consumption of authoritative news sources.

The recent cache of emails highlights how closely Big Tech companies and the White House were working together. They were setting specific strategic objectives, like reaching difficult-to-convince users who showed a propensity to consume vaccine-hesitance-related content, according to the emails.

The First Amendment’s protection of speech and its role in this situation was also discussed. Clegg expressed hesitance in complying with some of the requests due to potential infringement of this sensitive issue. However, this concern was dismissed by Slavitt, arguing that problematic posts erode confidence in COVID vaccines among the demographic groups they are trying to reach.

These revelations have sparked conversations about the relationship between Big Tech and the government. While their collective fight against misinformation is laudable, questions about overstepping boundaries and potential impact on free speech remain. The unfolding of this situation in the days and weeks to come is being keenly observed and will serve as a precedent for future interactions between Big Tech and government bodies.

Near the end of April 2021, communications from Google confirmed their active participation in aligning with the Biden administration’s requests. The Government Affairs team from Google/YouTube mentioned having “good” and “well-received” discussions with White House staff about combating harmful COVID-19 misinformation.

Revelations from the “Twitter Files” and the “Facebook Files” have drawn attention to how the Biden administration has interacted with Big Tech companies. There’s visible evidence of concerted efforts to regulate discourse and information concerning the COVID-19 vaccine.

In conclusion, the recent surfacing of these files has provided a valuable glimpse into the previously unseen interactions between the government and Big Tech. This has sparked further debates about the role and responsibilities of these platforms and the line between misinformation monitoring and potential censorship.

The balance between promoting public health and respecting individuals’ rights to information and freedom of speech is a complex challenge that continues to shape the digital landscape.



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