The Great Reset: Another Country Is Teetering On Becoming A Fail State (VIDEO)

First, it was Sri Lanka now, it appears Panama is next.

Protests and riots have rocked the nation of Panama because they are running out of food and because of inflation.

Panama is experiencing what Sri Lanka did about a month ago, they are running out of food, basic supplies, and fuel.

Things are so bad that the nation is being forced to ration electricity.

From ABC News:

The closures, including of the Pan-American Highway, have forced the national electric company to ration electricity in Darien province, which borders Colombia. Tankers carrying gas to run the power generation plant cannot arrive. Some 7,000 families have been affected by the reduction of electricity to 11 hours daily.

In Panama’s main wholesale market that supplies both supermarkets and individual consumers, there was little foot traffic Wednesday. Display tables usually stacked high with produce had far less on offer. Some vegetables like lettuce and tomatos, in particular, were in short supply.

Grocery stores are empty.

As the economic crisis gets worse people from around the world are beginning to push back.

Italy appears to be next, their Prime Minister just resigned and protests are taking place in Rome.

But don’t worry after your nation fails the World Economic Forum is going to sweep to protect and only let you buy fuel when they think you need it.


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