AOC Fumes, MTG Goes Off During Contentious House Hearing

It was a show during a House hearing that had former Twitter executives testify about election interference and censorship.

There were A LOT of fireworks.

First up was RINO Rep. Nancy Mace who when it comes to censorship, has joined arms with conservatives like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. The Congresswoman also got personal, claiming that she now has health issues after getting the “shot.”

Surprisingly, former Twitter safety head Yoel Roth did apologize for blocking the Hunter Biden story.

Mace also cornered Twitter Vijaya Gadde on government censorship.

Roth admitted that the Hunter Biden story never violated the social media company’s terms of service.

Congressional drama queen Rep. Alexandria Ocacios-Cortez then began claiming the hearing was an “abuse of public resources.”

Also, we feel the need to fact-check AOC. The GOP didn’t bring in a social media company, everyone that testified was fired because of what they did. Maybe the House should bring in Elon to testify as well.

Then she threw a fit.

But it was Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene that stole the show.


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