Abigail Ratchford Terrified When The Unthinkable Happens While She’s Home

Abigail Ratchford lives in the L.A. area and is a very popular model.

She was petrified when three hooded home invaders broke into her residence while she was there.


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Video from her surveillance system showed three hooded individuals smashing a window in the back of her home and entering the building.

It’s unclear what caused the men to flee, but Ratchford was okay because the alarm went off and Ratchford was making noises in the home.

From Breitbart News:

The Los Angeles Police Dept. told TMZ it is investigating the incident. But no suspects were revealed.

The site added that Ratchford was on the second floor of the home when the thieves broke through the plate glass window but she never saw the intruders face-to-face because they quickly exited before she came down the stairs. But she is still rattled by the attack, nonetheless.

Ratchford is only one of dozens of celebs and high profile Angelenos who have suffered home invasions and burglaries over the past few years as rime continues to skyrocket in the Democrat-controlled town.

Recently, Hollywood superstars in the area have been made victims due to several home invasions.

Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee’s home was broken into, and Rapper Megan Tee Stallion’s L.A. home was robbed. Actor and comedian Arsenion Hall was hit with two breaks while he was home.

Actor Casey Affleck’s girlfriend Caylee Cowan was home alone asleep when she awoke to a home invader standing over her at 3 am.

The breaks in follow a slew of Hollywood stars moving out of California. Comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan left along with Hillary Swank, Mark Wahlberg, James Hetfield, and James Van Beek have all moved their families, citing they are tired of California and want a better life.



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