TSA Official Arrested On Warrant

At the same time, it’s been learned that it was days before the President or the White House discovered that the Secretary of Defense was in the ICU, a very high-ranking official in the Transportation Security Administration was arrested.

Maxine McManaman, assistant federal security director of the TSA, was taken into custody by US Customs and Border Protection after she arrived at the Atlanta airport on December 28, 2023.

Authorities in Port S. Lucie Florida had begun an investigation of elder abuse after receiving a report. According to NBC News, the report is “heavily redacted” and makes some strong allegations.

Port St. Lucie Police discovered on a Facebook post that the investigation began in April of 2023 “and involved the exploitation of a family member with dementia.”

From NBC News:

The report, which is heavily redacted, accuses McManaman of preparing a fraudulent quitclaim deed for the family home. The quitclaim — a form used to transfer a claim on property from one party to another — was prepared in Florida by McManaman on Dec. 5, 2022, and listed herself and her father, Delroy Chambers Sr., as the grantee, according to the report.

McManaman was detained at the Clayton County jail in Georgia until she can be extradited to St. Lucie County, Florida.

The TSA said that they were aware of the arrest and that McManaman is on leave.

“TSA holds its employees to the highest professional and ethical standards and has no tolerance for misconduct on or off-duty. Any employee who fails to meet our fundamental ethical standards is held accountable,” a spokesperson said.

The Lloyd Austin controversy isn’t going away either. Recently Rep. Chris Deluzio, a Democrat Congressman from Pennsylvani has called on the DEfense Secretary to resign over his lack of transparency.

“I have lost trust in Secretary Lloyd Austin’s leadership of the Defense Department due to the lack of transparency about his recent medical treatment and its impact on the continuity of the chain of command. I have a solemn duty in Congress to conduct oversight of the Defense Department through my service on the House Armed Services Committee. That duty today requires me to call on Secretary Austin to resign,” Deluzio said in a written statement.

Deluzio represents the 17th Congressional District in the Keystone State, which is a swing district.


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