As Polish Missile Story Develops, Zelenskyy Expresses His Doubts

On Monday evening, a significant tension filled the air around much of the globe.  The long, dull slog of war that had settled over the eastern edges of Europe was now reaching a tinny, high-pitched ringing.  A vibrational shift had occurred.

Two Polish farmers had died after a missile from the Russian invasion of Ukraine came bounding over the border and exploded.

At first many believed that the projectile was Russian, and this was a problem.  You see, if Russia had caused these fatalities in Poland, a NATO member country, then Article 5 of the group’s charter could push the world to war with one another.

Luckily, this was not the case, with NATO and Poland suggesting that the weapon was actually a piece of Ukrainian air defense equipment.

Ukraine’s President appears to be refusing that assessment.

UKRAINE’S President Volodymyr Zelensky said he had “no doubt” the missile that hit Poland yesterday WAS Russian – despite counterclaims by NATO and the US.

President Zelensky said he was certain “it was not our missile” that struck and killed two people on a farm four miles from the Ukrainian border.

He also called on Ukrainian investigators to be given access to the site of the explosion and to be involved in the analysis of debris.

He said: “Based on the credibility of the reports of the military, I believe that it was a Russian missile.”

Authorities in the United Kingdom still found a way to blame Russia for the incident.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly earlier said Britain would not make a judgement until after a full investigation.

Urging caution, he said: “Our response will always be led by the facts.

“The only reason why missiles are flying through European skies and exploding in European villages is because of Russia’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine.”

Had Russia been responsible for the explosion, there is a rather distinct possibility that the western world would suddenly be drawn into the war – something that Ukraine is certainly not going to be upset about.


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