Biden Teams Holds NYC Press Conference

As one comment said, “Desperation is one hell of a drug.”

The Biden campaign decided to head to New York City and hold a press conference outside of the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse.

After claiming the cases against Trump weren’t political, they jumped right into it.

What’s even crazier is that they decided to do it after a lot of public sediment seems to indicate that Americans feel that the Trump case against Trump is political.

While Trump has been tied down in a legal proceeding directed by his opponents, Biden has been free to travel at will, use the powers of incumbency, spend enormous sums of campaign cash, and fan his surrogates out. Yet Biden has not erased his gap with Trump — instead, in the last few weeks he’s seen it increase.

Biden has been in office for well over three years. His job approval stands at 40.5% — 15 percentage points below where it was when he took office. Biden’s approval on the economy (39.9%), foreign policy (35.5%), immigration (33.8%), inflation (34.8%), crime (40%), and handling of the Hamas-Israel conflict (32.9%) all stand even lower.

So this appears to be their new campaign stragety, I think we are on brand new stratgey 3 or 4? How many times can a campaign rebrand themselves?

To start the year the campaign attacked Trump supporters over 1/6, Democrat leaders didn’t like the rhotic. Then it was abortion and well that didn’t seem to land like they hoped. Next, the campaigned decided while Trump was stuck in court they were going to tour the country. That has resulted in Biden seeing a drop in the polls.

One could say that this appears to have a feel of desperation and it plays to Trump’s favor that these cases are all political.

Why do i say this is desperate?

They brought out Robert De Niro.

Look, we’re not making predictions, and we very rarely editorialize, but the optics of this are so bad. Man, that Bronx rally really shook the left up, lol.


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