BEAUTIFUL PICS: NYC Restaurant Sets Up Subway Car Thanksgiving Dinner

When it comes to the holidays, perhaps nothing is truly more important than the time we spend with our families.  Not the gifts or the garlands or gobbling the bird that gobbles.  No, there is no other facet of this time of year that hold the gravity of time with our loved ones.

But, for many, that is sadly not an option.  For a vast number of Americans, there is still work to be done.  Or no home to go home to.  Or any number of situations that have prevented them from being in the cradle of family on Thanksgiving this year.

That’s why one restaurant in New York City decided to create a heartwarming experience in one of these least expected settings imaginable.

Thanksgiving is the season to share a delicious meal with others, and passengers riding an L train New York City got to be treated to a holiday meal during their evening commute this week.

Footage captured by Haylee Pentek on Tuesday shows a long table set up with an elaborate traditional Thanksgiving spread, including turkey, sweet potato, and macaroni and cheese.

The amateur critics were impressed.

“The mac and cheese was fire,” Pentek said on her Tik Tok post, and told Storyful that she happened across the celebration by chance while on the L train.

Images of the meal were soon circulating on social media.

Passengers had Chef Bae Kitchen in East NYC to thank for you delightful food.


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