Biden Admin Creates Laughable New Term To Justify Economy – WATCH

The Biden Administration is quickly hitting parody.

On June 27, 2023, the Biden administration paraded out their version of the American economy in anticipation of a Joe speech in Chicago (that turned into a mess).

During the presser, National Economic Council Director Lael Brainard claimed that “real incomes are up.”

As opposed to the fake ones all of us must have.

“The share of working-age Americans in the workforce is higher now than it has been for 15 years, showing that decisive policy and a strong economy can bring more people into the workforce.  And you can see that here,” she said.

“Real incomes are up, especially for lower-income workers.  Small-business applications are at record high.  And today, while we have more work to do, inflation has been coming down for 11 months in a row,” added Brainard.

Small business applications are up because people are creating side hustles or attempting to start a business because they got laid off.

All of the “stats” trotted out by the White House was to prop up Joe’s June 28 speech on “Bidenomics.”

That speech went downhill before the President stepped foot in the building.

As Joe left the White House to speak Chicago he lost his cool on a reporter and make a delirious claim.

He didn’t like this question about Hunter Biden.

Joe also told the press that Putin is “clearly losing the war in Iraq.”

Whatever Hunter did must have been on his mind during the speech because Biden went on the record bragging (sort of) that he’s “spent a lot of time” with Xi.” But don’t worry he “turned in all” his notes.”


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