Biden Administration Employee Placed On Leave After Social Media Post Uproar

The Department of Homeland Security has put one of their employees on leave in response to a report one of their employees celebrated the October 7 attack by Hamas in Israel.

Nejwa Ali was a public affairs officer for the Palestinian Delegation to the United States from 2016-2017. When Trump became President, he expelled the group from the country, but Ali somehow obtained a job at the DHS as an “Asylum Officer.”

Ali’s job was to apply “immigration laws and regulations to asylum applications,” deciding if they should remain inside the United States.

From the Dailywire:

Though Ali’s job at DHS included vetting people to make sure they were not a threat to the country before letting them in, it’s not clear that anyone from the agency vetted her. That her primary allegiance was to the Palestinians, not the United States, was evident from her social media profiles, where she posts as “Falastine Mi Amor.”

She has posted extremist rhetoric continuously to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for years — rhetoric that intensified this month as Palestinian terrorists murdered over 1,000 Jews on October 7 and Ali cheered. “F*** Israel, the government, and its military. Are you ready for your downfall?” she wrote on Instagram after the attacks.

She also wrote on social media, “Palestine will be free one day. F*** APARTHEID Israel and any Israeli that supports that bulls***. F*** you, may Allah forgive you. and spare us the crocodile tears, I sure as hell give zero f***s

Ali did take a phone call with Dailywire journalist Luke Rosiak and she more than affirmed her celebration.

“I abso-f—ing-lutely celebrate [Palestinian hang-gliders], a–hole, f— you!” she told Rosiak.

Well…she’s now been placed on leave.

Senator Josh Hawley wrote DHS Secretary Alejandro approving of the move but wants more done.

“I am glad to see that she has now been placed on administrative leave—but that is not enough. If these reports are accurate, you must terminate her employment immediately.”

“As Secretary, you must assure the American people that those charged with determining who enters the United States do so impartially and without prejudice,” Hawley said, and asked for records involving every immigration case handled by Ali involving a Palestinian or Jew.

Emilio Gonzalez, who ran USCIS in the Bush administration, told The Washington Times that “The PLO is a designated foreign terrorist organization … The fact that she worked for them and then was hired by the Department of Homeland Security tells me that somebody dropped the ball with her background checks.”


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