Biden Answers Question On House Interview

President Joe Biden has tripled down on his claims that he never spoke to his son about overseas business dealings.

Fox News Peter Doocy got a moment to directly asked the President About the alleged claims made by Hunter’s former business partner Devon Archer.

Personally, I thought Doocy was incredibly respectful when he spoke to the President.

Doocy asked, “There’s this testimony now where one of your son’s former business associates is claiming that you were on speaker phone a lot talking business.”

“I never talked business…I knew you’d have a lousy question,” Joe Biden said.

Adding that the allegations are “not true.”

You could clearly hear the disdain in Joe’s voice.

Joe’s mad folks and he’s getting pressed.

One day after those images of armed cartel members coming across the southern even members of the Squad are demanding Biden show some “leadership” at the border.

Some triggered on the left were so upset at “Squad” member Rep. Jamal Bowman that they put a sensitive warning label on it.

He added that Democrats look really bad right now.

“I mean, we need leadership from President Biden — period. We need that leadership in New York state because New York state is struggling. We’re struggling to provide housing and all the support that the migrants need,” Bowman said.

“Here’s the thing — Democrats are looking bad right now in New York state and that’s unacceptable when we have to win at least four congressional seats to take back the House, so hopefully the president is listening,” Bowman added.


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