Biden Approves Massive Spending for Pentagon Diversity

The Biden administration is reportedly planning to spend nearly $270 million on diversity and inclusion initiatives across the Department of Defense (DoD) in the fiscal year 2024. This figure represents a significant increase from the $223 million that was allocated for these purposes in the fiscal year 2023.

The proposed funding would support a wide range of initiatives, including:

  • Diversity and inclusion training for DoD personnel
  • Recruitment and outreach to minority and women-owned businesses
  • Support for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs)
  • Efforts to address climate change and environmental justice

Critics of the Biden administration’s proposal have argued that the funds would be better spent on more pressing priorities, such as military readiness and weapons modernization. They have also expressed concerns that the proposed initiatives would be ineffective in achieving their stated goals.

Proponents of the Biden administration’s proposal argue that diversity and inclusion are essential to the success of the DoD. They point out that a more diverse workforce would be better able to understand and respond to the challenges faced by the United States in an increasingly interconnected world.

The debate over the Biden administration’s proposed spending on diversity and inclusion initiatives is likely to continue in the coming months. The outcome of this debate will have significant implications for the future of the DoD and the United States military.

“DEIA has impacts on both the Department’s workforce and its mission, and therefore it should be examined beyond the traditional human resources lens by which it historically has been viewed,” the strategic management plan reads, also touting the department’s effort to “institutionalize the advancement of DEIA and the value of diversity to the Department’s mission.”

“Our military is not focused on lethality. They’re focused on diversity and climate,” Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL), a combat-decorated U.S. Army veteran who fought in the elite Green Berets, asserted. “That’s going to result in our enemies not fearing us and respecting us as they should.”

Daily Wire


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