Biden Asked About Cocainegate & True Colors Come Out – WATCH

We saw this just about a week ago when President Joe Biden was the ongoing probe being conducted by Republicans in the House.

As Biden was leaving the White House to give a speech on “Bidenomics” he took some time to answer questions from the press and he lost his cool.

A reporter for the New York Post asked the president, “how involved were you in your son’s Chinese shakedown text message?”

Biden tried to laugh it off but the reporter pressed him, asking ““Were you sitting there — were you involved?”

“No I wasn’t and I don’t —,” Biden began when another questioned piled on and Joe lost his cool yelling, “NO!”

Biden isn’t laughing because he thinks what’s occurring is funny, he’s laughing because he’s furious.

Well, Joe was asked about a dime bag of cocaine being found in the West Wing of the White House and his response told you everything you need to know.

Folks, Joe doesn’t like to be questioned, the bag of goods the media tried to sell about Biden being a sweet old guy has gone out with the bath water.

The White House doesn’t want to talk about it all either.

The incident is so egregious even MSNBC couldn’t look away.


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