Biden Comments On Gaza Hospital Being Hit

On October 17, 2023, tensions increased in Israel when a rocket hit a hospital. Hamas immediately said that Israel targeted hospitals, and hundreds were dead.

That prompted massive protests in the region.

Unfortunately for Hamas, the supposed strike on the hospital was captured on video. The video clearly showed a rocket barrage being fired by Hamas into Israel, and one of the rockets fell short, hitting the hospital.

But that didn’t stop members of the Squad here in the USA from pushing disinformation. Representative Omar and Talib blamed Israel for the attack and when video evidence showed it was not, the Israelis didn’t issue a retraction and pushed more disinformation.

Well, not even President Biden is playing their game. During a sit-down in Israel with Netanyahu, he busted the misinformation. It was half-hearted – and he was reading from his not cards – but it’s about as strong of a condemnation you are going to get from Joe.


Less can be said of Vice President Kamala Harris.


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