Biden Criticized for Comments at Friendsgiving Event

President Biden’s recent visit to Naval Station Norfolk for a “Friendsgiving” event was marred by two separate incidents that have once again raised concerns about his judgment and demeanor.

First, Biden repeated a false claim about having been appointed to the Naval Academy, a statement that has been repeatedly debunked. This fabrication, coming on the heels of his previous false claims about his military service, further tarnishes his credibility and undermines his ability to command respect as commander-in-chief.

Second, Biden made an awkward and inappropriate remark to a young girl during the event, asking her if she was 17. This comment, which was met with uncomfortable silence from the crowd, highlights Biden’s history of making inappropriate comments toward women and children.

These incidents underscore the troubling pattern of behavior that has characterized Biden’s presidency. His inability to accurately recall events and his tendency to make insensitive remarks raise questions about his fitness for office.

Conservatives have long expressed concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities and his propensity for gaffes. These latest incidents provide further evidence to support these concerns.

In addition to his cognitive struggles, Biden’s behavior toward women and children has been repeatedly called into question. His history of making inappropriate comments and engaging in uncomfortable physical interactions has raised concerns about his judgment and character.

The American people deserve a president who is both competent and trustworthy. Biden’s repeated gaffes and unseemly interactions suggest that he may not be up to the task.

Fox News


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