Biden Got An Angry Visit That Has DC Shaking In Their Boots

The biggest story in the nation may be the one nobody is talking about, but it can potentially affect all of us.

Usually, when a head of state visits the US, there is pomp and circumstance but not this time.

As a matter of fact, it was buried.

On March 3, 3023, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz traveled to DC.

Pay attention to the last sentence of the readout from the White House:

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. welcomed Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany to the White House today to reaffirm the strong bilateral relationship between the United States and Germany.  At the one-year mark of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, the leaders discussed ongoing efforts to provide security, humanitarian, economic, and political assistance to Ukraine and the importance of maintaining global solidarity with the people of Ukraine.  They reiterated their commitment to impose costs on Russia for its aggression for as long as necessary. The leaders also exchanged perspectives on other global issues.

Could one of the “perspectives” be the fact that Joe may have given the thumbs up to cutting the country’s energy supply off?

The visit from the Chancellor came less than a month after there was a report the USA was responsible for the attack on the Nord Stream pipeline.

The attack has caused an energy crisis in Germany. There have been reports that people were told to stock up on wood, get more candles, and deal with a 40% increase in energy costs.

A transcript from NPR’s Morning Edition radio show had the hosts Steve Inskeep and Rob Schmitz discussing the visit:


Today, President Biden hosts German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the White House.


Judging by the outward signs, the meeting is a little unusual. It’s not exactly secret. Here we are talking about it. But the two leaders are not calling much attention to their agenda. Analysts think the two leaders may be talking through their concerns about China, a country they see differently.

INSKEEP: NPR Berlin correspondent Rob Schmitz is covering this. Hey there, Rob.


INSKEEP: In what way are Biden and Scholz keeping this low-key?

SCHMITZ: Yeah, it’s a little odd. The press will not be traveling with Chancellor Scholz on this trip. There’s no press conference on the agenda. And the German chancellery is not sharing any details of what’ll be discussed. According to German media, Chancellor Scholz is planning to give an exclusive interview to CNN. But that apparently won’t be broadcast until Sunday. So there’s this aura of mystery around this visit. I spoke to Rachel Tausendfreund about this. She’s a senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund. And she thinks Chancellor Scholz is making this trip to try and persuade President Biden to tamp down what has become an escalating rhetoric on China’s involvement in Russia’s war in Ukraine. Here’s what she said.

Then a few days, the New York Times reported a “leak” that a “pro-Ukrainian group” pulled off the attack.

The fact that this “leak” came out has DC very nervous, especially after a very angry Chancellor came to visit.


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