Biden Kick Off Of Europe Trip Has Some Hiccups – WATCH

The videos speak for themselves.

President Biden has traveled to the UK to meet King Charles III and then will attend the NATO Summit in Lithuania, and will celebrate the alliance expansion in Helsinki, Finland. The trip is supposed to show Biden’s foreign policy strength but he already looks like a dithering idiot.

Watch how hard he concentrates on walking and then tries to skip.

Then during a tour wonders around like Mr. Magoo. As the president wanders off notice how they cut the camera when the aide goes to redirect him.

Almost the same thing happened when he arrived in Lithuania.

At the NATO Summit in Vilnius, Biden and other leaders will talk about the war in Ukraine and revising plans to address Russian aggression. This is a topic that will likely become contentious as many in the alliance have completely denounced the use of US-supplied cluster munitions, a tactic that has caused a great deal of civilian casualties.

Finally, in Finland, Biden will celebrate with Finland’s newest members into NATO. Although Sweden’s membership is still being blocked, Finland’s acceptance was accepted enthusiastically by NATO’s members.

Biden’s trip to Europe comes after he said during a CNN interview Ukraine is running out of ammunition.

“This is a war relating to munitions. And they’re running out of that ammunition, and we’re low on it,” Biden told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria. “And so, what I finally did, I took the recommendation of the Defense Department to – not permanently – but to allow for this transition period while we get more 155 weapons, these shells, for the Ukrainians.”


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