Biden Pokes the Dragon with Latest Taiwan Declaration

With a sleepy and bumbling Commander in Chief currently at the helm of the United States and her military, there are growing fears that our nation may be on a back road shortcut to World War III.

The global community is shifting rapidly before our very eyes. Authoritarian nations are conglomerating their resources and relationships, seemingly preparing for yet another outbreak of tyranny – a la the onset of World War II.

And so, with every sideways shot we take at China, we find ourselves nearing a serious conflict, and President Joe Biden doesn’t really seem to care.

President Joe Biden said this week that the United States would defend Taiwan if China invaded, appearing to break with the US government’s stance of “strategic ambiguity” on the island.

His comments came in an interview that aired Sunday evening, when a 60 Minutes correspondent asked the president if US forces would defend Taiwan.

“Yes, if in fact there was an unprecedented attack,” Biden responded.

And that wasn’t all that Biden proclaimed.

The president went on to emphasize his administration’s support for the “One China” policy, which recognizes the government in Beijing while allowing for informal ties with Taiwan.

“Taiwan makes their own judgments about their independence. We are not moving – we’re not encouraging their being independent. We’re not – that – that’s their decision,” Biden said Sunday.

The bold assertion comes just weeks after Taiwan acted as the backdrop for a political stunt by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s, whose nigh-unprecedented visit to the island nation served as a de facto finger in the eye to China’s belief.



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