Biden PR Team Details ‘Frustrated’, ‘Colorful’ POTUS Behind the Scenes

For as long as Joe Biden has been eyeing the White House, (and then residing in it), he has been running from Donald Trump’s terse assessment of his demeanor.  Namely, his nickname “Sleepy Joe”.

Biden’s age is a well-understood factor in his presidency, and there have long been concerns that he may not be up to the task on account of it.  This, combined a number of public appearances that have bordered on the bizarre, has Americans wondering if perhaps someone with a little more vigor shouldn’t step up of the Democrats in 2024.

The Biden PR team isn’t looking to let that happen, of course, and there are new “reports” coming out of the White House that seek to portray the President as a bit more forceful than usual.

President Joe Biden is getting more frustrated by his flailing presidency, according to another report in the establishment media.

Politico’s Jonathan Lemire cites five White House officials and Democrats close to the Biden Administration who point to “the greatest source of West Wing frustration, coming from behind the Resolute Desk.”

Biden is exasperated, the report says, that his approval ratings are below former President Donald Trump’s.


The report also notes Biden is “far more prone to salty language behind the scenes than popularly known” and “erupted” over the optics of the baby formula shortages.

While the reports may very well be true, their timing, along with the fact that they address a very specific need for the Biden public relations crew, could cast some doubt on their veracity.


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