Biden Press Conference In Finland Gets A Little Intense – WATCH

Outside the United States, people are getting nervous and one Finnish reporter asked a great question but Joe didn’t like it.

If you are living next to a country like Russia or China it’s reasonable to be a bit nervous especially when you see the leader of the free world being led like a five-year-old during a visit to Windsor Castle.

A reporter asked if Biden can guarantee that the USA will support NATO in the future given the political issue in America.

Well, Joe didn’t like that and snapped!

Biden raised his voice saying, “I didn’t say we couldn’t guarantee the future! You can’t tell me whether you’re gonna be able to go home tonight!”

Then Joe went back on script or at least tried to.

Oh boy…

Biden’s European trip was meant to show his strength but instead, it was gaffe after gaffe after gaffe. I know it’s easy to say, “well those are just clips to make him look bad.” But there are so many and anyone can go to the White House YouTube account – or CSPAN – and watch them in context.

We previously reporter how things went when Joe got to the UK.

Watch how hard he concentrates on walking and then tries to skip.

Then during a tour wonders around like Mr. Magoo. As the president wanders off notice how they cut the camera when the aide goes to redirect him.

Almost the same thing happened when he arrived in Lithuania.


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