Biden Pushes WILD New ‘Armageddon’ Rhetoric as Nuke Threat Increases

With Russian President Vladimir Putin continuing to desperately suggest that he’ll turn to nuclear weapons to salvage his failing invasion of Ukraine, there are renewed fears of an atomic apocalypse gripping the planet.

The Kremlin’s plan to forcibly recruit 300,000 civilians to replenish their depleted military is faltering spectacularly, with many simply surrendering the moment that they arrive in-country.

Furthermore, the Russian military is now in tatters, leading many on the global stage to simply write Vladimir Putin off an any sort of threat – short of him using his nuclear arsenal.

Many have dismissed Putin’s nuke threats as a last ditch effort to hold a deathwish over our heads, but it appears as though US President Joe Biden is taking it a little more serious than that.

President Joe Biden is declaring that the risk of nuclear “Armageddon” is at the highest level since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, as Russian officials speak of using tactical nuclear weapons after suffering massive setbacks in the eight-month invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser, Biden said Thursday night that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “a guy I know fairly well” and the Russian leader is “not joking when he talks about the use of tactical nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons.”

And also:

Biden added, “We have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis.” He suggested the threat from Putin is real “because his military is — you might say — significantly underperforming.”

Putin has noted that his nuclear threats are “not a bluff”, and recent satellite images have shown a number of atomic assets are currently on the move.


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