Biden Set to Receive Largest Migrant Caravan Ever in Coming Weeks

Democratic Presidents have long been a sort of signal to the world at large, rolling out a political welcome mat for those who wish to enter America across the southern border.

This is largely due to the last decade or so of liberal politics, in which the left has spent an inordinate amount of time and effort attempting to distance themselves from GOP policies on the border – despite the reality that the two parties were once very much in agreement about the need for a well-secured crossing.

Now, just 18 months into this latest Democratic dirge, a migrant caravan is headed for America from the south, and it may very well be one for the record books.

Haitian migrant taking part in what could be the largest ever migrant caravan through Mexico to the U.S. is demanding that President Biden keep his promise to allow them to stay once they reach the border.

“He promised the Haitian community he will help them,” the migrants, who were interviewed by Fox News Friday, said. “He will recall Title 42. He will help us have real asylum.”

The migrant is taking part in a caravan that could become the largest ever to reach the U.S. southern border, with the current number of close to 10,000 migrants, is expected to swell to about 15,000 before it reaches the border.

Not only was the caravan large in number, but in literal size as well:

“We consider we are around 9,500, it measures 51/2 km from the start to the end, people keep on joining, in the first police check there were approx 100-150 national guard, INM, state police and let us through freely,” the caravan’s organizer, Luis Villagran told Fox News Monday.

The situation at the border has been dire for some time, with the Biden administration seemingly unable to make much progress as the humanitarian crisis worsens by the week.


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