Biden’s Angry Outburst Betrays Statements, He’s Feeling The Heat – WATCH

The Biden administration is in the middle of a debt ceiling crisis as they work to come to a bipartisan agreement on the budget. After attending the G7 economic summit in Hiroshima, Japan, the White House was asked about the looming issue at a press conference.

At the presser, President Biden was asked if Republicans are negotiating in good faith on the debt ceiling crisis. He began to discuss the issue of stages but was interrupted by a reporter. The President used hushed words to request that the reporter “shush up” to allow him to finish his statement.

“This goes in stages, I’ve been in these negotiations before,” Biden began, before a reporter interjected ”

“They started off…shush up, okay?” Biden shouted.

“It goes in stages….and what happens is the first meetings weren’t all that progressive. The second ones were, third one was,” Biden explained. “And then what happens is the…The carriers go back to the principals and say, this is what we’re thinking about. And then people put down new claims.”

Biden has been teasing using the 14th Amendment to raise the debt limit however, the fallout would be catastrophic.

The biggest problem Biden has is that the GOP called his bluff and passed a bill. Democrats never thought McCarthy would pass a bill and get the thumbs up from McConnell giving him their full backing. Now, it’s up to Biden and the Democrats didn’t see that one coming.

According to reports McCarthy and Biden are planning on meeting on May 22, 2023 to work on a deal.

McCarthy told reporters: “Our teams are talking today and we’re setting (sic) to have a meeting tomorrow. That’s better than it was earlier. So, yes.”

A White House official confirmed Monday’s meeting.

Biden, who is back from Japan said that the call with McCarthy went well.

“It went well,” Biden said. “We’ll talk tomorrow.”

Biden is trying to act cool and calm, but he’s clearly feeling the heat.


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