Biden’s Dog Commander Is Becoming A Problem

It turns out that President Biden’s dogs are sending people to the hospital.

The previously undisclosed information was discovered after the New York Post obtained internal Secret Service communication.

Most are familiar with the attacks involving Major, who was given away to family friend after biting too many secret service agents in 2021.

It has now been learned that Biden’s other dog, Commander has bitten at least seven people in a four month period.

One of the most serious incidents forced the White House physician’s office to send a Secret Service uniformed officer to a hospital for additional treatment after the dog clamped down on their arma nd thigh on November 3 2022.

From the New York Post:

In the most serious documented incident involving Commander, the White House physician’s office on Nov. 3, 2022, referred a bitten Secret Service uniformed officer to a local hospital for treatment after the dog clamped down on their arm and thigh, according to emails released under the Freedom of Information Act to conservative legal group Judicial Watch.

Records show Commander broke the skin of a different Secret Service member’s hand and arm weeks later after the president unleashed him outside the White House following a family movie night — and the following month, Commander bit the back of a security technician at Biden’s Wilmington, Del., home.

“These shocking records raise fundamental questions about President Biden and the Secret Service,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton.

“This is a special sort of craziness and corruption where a president would allow his dog to repeatedly attack and bite Secret Service and White House personnel. And rather than protect its agents, the Secret Service tried to illegally hide documents about the abuse of its agents and officers by the Biden family,” Fitton added.

One November 14, 2022, incident described a Secret Service agent needing to use a chair to prevent themself from being bitten by commander.

The officer wrote that they “heard the dog bark with a loud aggressive sound” and “looked up and saw him at the landing of the ushers staircase. I made eye contact with him and grabbed the black chair I was sitting on and held it in front of me while backing up.”

The Biden’s appear to have no control over their dogs.

Several incidents occurred when the Biden’s was present.



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