Biden’s Latest Blame Game Over Afghanistan Misses The Point – WATCH

The withdrawal in Afghanistan was the catalyst that began the demise of President Joe Biden’s approval rating.

Months later, Biden is trying to shift the blame, but his latest report misses the point.

“As you know, over the past many months, departments and agencies key to the Afghanistan withdrawal have been conducting thorough internal after-action reviews examining their decision-making processes and execution. Recently, the Secretaries of State and Defense told members of Congress they would provide Congress with access to these reviews by mid-April,” the White House said.

“Today, the agencies will give Congress access to those classified reviews, and the NSC will also be releasing a document that provides our perspectives, outlines in broad strokes some of what we learned, and how we have already implemented those lessons in other global challenges.”

Then the administration went on to blame Trump for everything.

No joke, they claimed Biden was helpless.

The White House is seriously missing the point, and it’s why this report won’t jive. Remember, the left told us that Biden is more competent than the former president and that the “adults are now in charge.” So when Biden blames Trump what he’s really saying is that he is not as competent.

I mean just have to look at the state of the country to see that Biden has been a disaster.

The press wasn’t happy either.

Oh, really?

It doesn’t look like Biden will be taking any questions, either.


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