Biden’s Team Hires Clinton Aide as Harris Communications Lead

The Biden campaign is set to tap Brian Fallon, a former top Hillary Clinton campaign staffer and, most recently, the head of a left-leaning judicial advocacy group, Demand Justice.

In his new role, Fallon will serve as lead communications for Vice President Kamala Harris, taking the reins on the issues of most significance to the American electorate.

Brian Fallon, known for his expertise and deep-seated knowledge of pivotal subjects impacting Americans, will join the team next month. His tenure as the national press secretary for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign is expected to serve as a vantage point in a bid to secure President Biden and Vice President Harris’ re-election bid.

An active voice in judicial advocacy, Fallon’s group, Demand Justice, has been instrumental in questioning Republican judicial nominations whilst supporting Democrats. The focus of the group has now shifted toward advocacy-based goals, notably championing the expansion of the Supreme Court and lower courts, an idea often termed “court packing.”

In 2020, Fallon made public his group’s inclination towards advocating court packing, citing liberal activist Elie Mystal’s advice. Mystal had called for the addition of ten new Supreme Court Justices, thereby increasing the number to nineteen. Fallon’s endorsement of such reforms underscores his group’s efforts in reshaping the judicial landscape.

Fallon’s past comments also indicate his support for rethinking traditional approaches to law enforcement. In 2020, he used Twitter as a platform to articulate his support for the much-debated movement to defund the police.

Fallon’s association with the Democracy Alliance, co-founded by George Soros, is also noteworthy. The Democracy Alliance brings together wealthy Democrat donors to help propel the progressive agenda. Demand Justice received considerable financial backing from Soros’ nonprofit network, The Open Society Policy Center, an early supporter, donated $2.5 million when the organization was formed in 2018 and continued its support since, providing an additional $5.75 million according to the center’s grant database.

Fallon’s appointment has raised some interesting points regarding ties and influences within the Biden administration. Several top aides for Biden have had associations with Demand Justice. For instance, the former White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, served as a “communications consultant” for the group before assuming her role in the Biden administration. Similarly, Paige Herwig, Biden’s point person on judicial nominations, has also had an affiliation with the group.

While the Biden campaign has not yet commented on the new appointment, it is evident that Fallon’s role will not only influence the re-election campaign but also certainly affect the conversation around key issues within the current administration.

Given the breadth and depth of Fallon’s experience in political communications and judicial advocacy and his knack for pushing the envelope on policy discussions, he could potentially be a formidable asset for the Biden-Harris team. His strategic and ideological contributions could undoubtedly bring fresh perspectives to the table.

In spite of disagreements on Fallon’s advocacies, both sides of the political aisle could benefit from the rigorous discussions that his appointment is likely to stimulate, increasing visibility and understanding of these issues among Americans.

However, critics of the Biden administration may well argue that such associations underline an inclination towards a progressive stance within the administration. Only time will unveil what kind of influence Fallon and his associate groups will wield in shaping policy directions for the present administration.

Overall, the selection seems to hinge on the idea of capitalizing on Fallon’s diverse experiences, layered knowledge, and informed perspectives on a range of issues, bringing them to bear on the pressing issues of the presidency. This move is likely to contribute significantly to the Biden-Harris team’s capacity for effective communication and policy development.

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