Bill Barr Drops Brutal Truth Bomb About Trump’s NY Lawsuit

Over the course of the last several months, former Attorney General Bill Barr has been very publicly wavering on his support for his old boss, former President Donald Trump.

Barr, whose suddenly-constant presence in the world of infotainment tells us quite a bit, has been dragging Trump through the mud during various prime time appearances.

But this week, as Trump faces serious charges in New York, Barr has come to The Don’s side.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr said Wednesday on FNC’s “America Reports” that New York State Attorney General Letitia James’s lawsuit against former President Donald Trump and his adult children was a “political hit job.”

Barr said, “It’s hard for me not to conclude it’s a political hit job. This is a woman who campaigned for office promising she was going to go after Trump, which I think is a tremendous abuse of office to go headhunting and targeting individuals. So I think she was targeting Trump.”

And then…

He continued, “This is after three years a civil lawsuit, the gist of which is when the Trump organization borrowed money, Trump personally guaranteed those loans, and to support that, she’s claiming that he inflated his assets on his financial statements. I’m not even sure she has a good case against Trump himself, but what ultimately persuades me that this is a political hit job is she grossly overreaches when she tries to drag the children into this.”

Barr has been rather critical of Trump in recent weeks, making these benevolent comments worth noting.


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