Line From Biden Speech Is Getting A LOT Of Attention – WATCH

On January 18, 2024, President Biden paid a visit to North Carolina.

Before he left, there was a press gaggle, which didn’t do him any favors, as we’ll highlight below:

First, Biden had this to say about the Houthie airstrikes.

Then, he started giving talking points like it was 2017.

Followed by him seemingly angrily mocking the pro-life “March for Life” event.

Then it was off to North Carolina, and I don’t know who wrote the speech or thought it was a good idea, but this is an actual line, but it appears that it was a gaffe. Joe Biden makes a lot of gaffes, and when he messes up, the transcripts usually have what he is supposed to say in brackets. Which is what happened in this case:

Below is what the President said:

Below is a screenshot of the transcript from the White House briefing room. It appears the President messed up. Note the brackets:

It appears that Joe was supposed to say 440 thousand new jobs not 440 which is hilarious.

Biden appeared to forget what year it was because he started spouting off Obama era talking points about people going to McDonalds to use the internet.


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