Police Comment On Beobert Investgation After Media Reports

Other than former President Trump the media seems to really enjoy going after Congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

Maybe they are still mad after what she did to Beto or maybe it’s the swamp not liking a regular person with bagged being elected to Congress.

Boebert had agreed to meet her ex-husband at a restaurant called the Miner’s Mill when an argument ensued and there was an altercation. Immediately, the press published articles that Boebert was under investigation for assaulting her ex-husband.

Below is an excerpt from a piece published by the Daily Beast, who got their information from an anti-Boebert super PAC called “American Muckrakers,” who initially pushed the misinformation that the media outlets picked up.

An anti-Boebert super PAC called “American Muckrakers” first publicized the rumor of the incident Saturday night, in eye-popping posts on X, formerly Twitter. On Sunday, Jayson Boebert told The Daily Beast that the details of the altercation on American Muckrakers was accurate and that his ex-wife had “punched” him in the face multiple times. Jayson Boebert also purported to have a witness to the events and said that he took back his claim that police were too aggressive with him: “I respect our officers and appreciate what they have to endure. I shouldn’t have said anything negative toward them. I was unhappy.”

Jayson Boebert added that he was going to phone the police and ask them to call off the investigation.

At the time, Boebert told the Daily Beast, “This is a sad situation for all that keeps escalating and another reason I’m moving. I didn’t punch Jayson in the face and no one was arrested. I will be consulting with my lawyer about the false claims he made against me and evaluate all of my legal options.”

According to reports, Boebert was concerned about her ex-husband’s behavior and wanted to meet him in a public place. Jayson Boebert got mouthy, and Boebert backed away, never striking Jayson.

Well, police have conducted their investigation and Boebert has been cleared and it is Jayson who is facing misdemeanor charges over the incident.

On top of that Jayson Boebert was recently arrested on January 9, 2024 after his 8 year old son Tyler told Garfield County Sheriff’s deputies that his father pushed him to the ground and then “dug his thumb into his mouth as if he was going to pull his tooth out.”

So we have a woman who was almost publically abused by her ex-husband and her son was attacked by her ex-husband and the media is writing hit pieces against her.

What a world.


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