Biden Speech In Wisconsin Gets Attention Online

President Biden was speaking at a Wisconsin Brewery, and it was something else.

There was the typical Biden gaffe, followed by ridiculous claims, but this time, there was a lot of mumbling followed by screaming. It was bizarre.

During his speech, Biden said that he was proud of creating 169 jobs in Wisconsin. He was supposed to say 169 thousand, according to the brackets, to show corrections when Biden misspeaks.

Biden also had a serious mumbling moment. According to the transcript here’s what Biden said:

And that’s on top of another billion dollars to clean up the Great Lakes, which provide drinking water to 20 million people — (applause) — 20 million people. And, by the way, it used to make the beer brewed here it is used to make the brewed beer here in this refine- — oh, Earth Rider, thanks for the Great Lakes. I wondered why (inaudible) — (laughter).

Here’s what came out:

Biden also started screaming:

Perhaps the best moment of the speech was when Biden admitted that we are in a recession and that the economy was better under former President Trump.

Biden was ranting against Medicaid talks and reform and then said this:

We get thou- — look, we — you know, we now have — we used to — before the recession, before the — the pandemic, we had about 700 billionaires in America. There are 1,000 billionaires now. You know what their average tax rate is? Eight percent.


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