Busted! Biden Lied About Balloon From The Start Says Report

It is truly amazing that President Joe Biden can make Jimmy Carter look like one of the best presidents in the modern era.

We have record inflation, a Chornobyl-like disaster, ridiculous energy costs, our enemies spying on us, and lord knows what the outcome of the Nord Stream report will bring us.

Now, a CBS News report has unearthed that Joe Biden lied about the Chinese spy balloon from the start.

According to CBS, US intelligence officials monitored the balloon from lift-off in China.

From CBS News:

U.S. intelligence officials were tracking the spy balloon that was shot down earlier this month since it lifted off from the south coast of China, U.S. officials said Tuesday.

According to U.S. officials, after takeoff, the spy balloon drifted east in the direction of Guam and Hawaii and then went north to Alaska and entered U.S. airspace on Jan. 28. Given the path, it’s possible that the balloon was blown off course by weather, but U.S. officials said that once it came south over the continental United States, it was being controlled by China.

In case some selective editing takes place below is a screenshot of the CBSNews report.

NORAD may not have been told about the balloon until it entered US airspace, but the Biden administration was tracking the balloon, and they did squat.

Then to cover up for the mess, the White House allowed the UFO talking point to float around in hopes of taking the heat off.

As Biden enters his third year in office, it’s clear his Administration cannot manage the complex systems it takes to run this country.


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