Buttiegieg Gets Confronted By Reporter & He Does NOT Like It – Watch

What the heck is wrong with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg?

Investigative Border/Immigration Reporter Jennie Taer from the Daily Caller caught up with Mayor Pete and he did not like it.

“I asked Secretary Buttigieg about the crisis in East Palestine and I guess he didn’t like that so he took a pic of me. Im just doing my job, sir,” Taer posted along with the video of a very uncomfortable Buttigieg.

In the video below, Buttigieg is asked politely about the disaster in East Palestine Ohio. He then whines about “personal times” and takes a picture of the female reporter.

Eighteen days after the disaster Buttigieg has admitted that he should have “spoken out sooner.”

Now Pete said that he would travel to East Palestine, Ohio, but rumors are that’s only because former President Trump is visiting.

Former President Trump isn’t just going to Ohio for a photo op, he’s bringing thousands of gallons of cleaning supplies and 13 pallets of water.

Meanwhile, Joe is overseas, and it’s possible he is so clueless he doesn’t even know this happened yet.


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