Buttigieg Resign? Residents Drop The Dime In Ohio – WATCH

Mayor Pete finally ran out to address the situation and what did he do?

Blame Trump.

“We’re constrained by law on some areas of rail regulation (like the braking rule withdrawn by the Trump administration in 2018 because of a law passed by Congress in 2015), but we are using the powers we do have to keep people safe,” Buttigieg said. “And of course, I’m always ready to work with Congress on furthering (or in some cases, restoring) our capacity to address rail safety issues.”

(If you were curious how the NTSB investigation will conclude, the above was your answer.)

But Pete’s excuses didn’t settle well, even with Democrats that understand the situation.

“He jokes about balloons while ignoring East Palestine, OH,” former Democratic Ohio state Senator Nina Turner wrote on social media. “We deserve better than this.”

The cause of the derailment is not what has Buttigieg in trouble, it’s what took place after the accident.

The first question of a town hall that took place on Febuary 15, 2023 asked why “people outside of a one mile radius from East Palestine” are “getting no support?”

According of reporters in attendance, officials said their assistance orders came from the Department of Transportation, run by Mayor Pete himself.

The people in the surrounding area of the accident are furious.

What taking place is just insanity. You may need to turn your volume up to hear what the woman is saying.

This is another clear example of the Biden administration’s failure to govern.

It’s pretty clear from the animal die-offs that the fumes went well past the 1 mile area.

There are unconfirmed reports that the burn-off may been ordered/pressured to get the rail system going because Pete screwed up the supply chain.

Biden’s boy has a lot of explaining to do.

Since the disaster started, he has posted on social media and blamed Trump. That is a really good indication that Buttigieg screwed up.

Especially when local officials are telling residents directly what the DOT told them to on the record.


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