Biden Doesn’t Answer When Asked About Possible House Proceedings – WATCH

Oh boy, the fake smile/laugh is gone, and President Biden looked in no mood to discuss impeachment during a cabinet meeting at the White House.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, you could write a five-part novel series on the President’s body language. He was so mad that First Lady Jill Biden had to get his attention.

First Lady Jill Biden sat next to President Biden for a cabinet meeting designed to combat and cure cancer.

“When we launched this as — when I launched this as vice president, I literally traveled to every major cancer institute in the world.  And one thing that struck me most was how siloed each of these were, how little sharing of information occurred,” the President said. “And so, I — that’s why I wanted to make sure that we have a full government-wide effort on the first-ever Cabinet — Cancer Cabinet.”

After the President spoke it was the First Lady’s turn which is interesting. However, what will catch your attention is what Joe is doing in the background after he gives his remarks.

Maybe it’s the looming impeachment or Hunter or both. Since we aren’t heartless here it is also possible that Biden could be thinking about Beau who sadly passed away from cancer.

But while Jill is speaking Biden is…well…just watch, we cued the video up below.

It almost looked like he was having an internal dialogue with himself.

After the remarks, the press started asking President Biden about Hunter and the looming impeachment proceeding and he was visibly emotional.

Maybe Joe just saw this 👇


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