Champion Surfer Shocks Surfer World After Controversial Rule Change

Champion, author, and mom Bethany Hamilton has spoken out against the World Surf League after they made a rule change regarding trans gender athletes.

A viral video on her Instagram page ask several good questions, “The World Surf League has officially made the rule that male-bodied individuals known as transgender athletes can officially compete in the women’s division.”

She added, “The World Surf League says they are following the Olympic guidelines.”

One of the was, “is a hormone level an honest and accurate depiction that someone indeed is a male or female? Is it as simple as this?”

Another was, “how is this rule playing out in other sports, like swimming, running, and MMA?”

“Have any of the current surfers in the World Surf League been asked what their thoughts and opinions are on this new rule before it was passed or announced? Should there be a conversation?” she added.

She also asked, “Who is pushing for this huge change?… Does this better the sport of surfing? Is this better for the women in surfing? If so, how?”

She added, “I personally think that the best solution would be to create a different division so that all can have a fair opportunity to showcase their passion and talent – and I think it’s really hard to imagine what the future of women’s surfing will be like in 15-20 years down the road if we move forward allowing this major change.”

Lastly, she informed the surfing world that if the rule is not changed she “won’t be competing in or supporting the World Surf League.”

Hamilton did propse that the WSL create a separate division for trans athletes and others in the surfing community have joined her. Along with others, Surfing legend Kelly Slater have called for a division that is solely trans athletes.

To be clear, nobody says that trans athletes can’t compete in sports. They just want them in their own division.


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