China and Russia Announce Global Partnership, Sparking WWIII Fears

Russia’s miserable and humiliating flailing in Ukraine had proven to the world once and for all that Vladimir Putin would never find himself at the helm of a global superpower, and for that, the world was on track to be a much safer place.

But Putin wasn’t blind to this either, and in a veiled admission of failure, the Russian tyrant began to reach out to some of the world’s most brutal authoritarian leaders for help.  He bought drones from Iran and ammunition from North Korea, all in what appears to be a failed attempt at winning his Ukrainian invasion.

Now, as the rest of the world gleefully watches scared Russian troops running for their lives, Putin has been forced to partner with China in order to remain relevant on the world’s stage.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping met in Uzbekistan where they reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening their relationship and putting their mark on the “global scale.”

The two authoritarian leaders met on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on Thursday, in Xi’s first trip outside his country since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The pair seemed to hit it off once again.

“In the face of the colossal changes of our time on a global scale, unprecedented in recent history, we are ready to team up with our Russian colleagues to set an example of a responsible world power and to play a leading role in putting a rapidly changing world on the track of sustainable and positive development,” Xi told Putin, according to TASS, Russian state media.

The move also stoked fears that a third world war could be looming just over the horizon, as the free nations of the world continue to witness the consolidation of power occurring between these tyrannical regimes.


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