CNN Suggests Repealing 2nd Amendment

The tug of war between the right and the left regarding gun control has once again been thrust into the nation spotlight in recent days, after police in Uvalde, Texas refused to confront a gunman who killed 19 children and 2 teachers at Robb Elementary School.

The left has, unsurprisingly, made this all about guns, and are pushing a number of rather stringent gun control measures through Congress as we speak…although getting a bill on Joe Biden’s desk seems a rather tall task still.

The proposals thus far have been incremental changes to the Second Amendment, such as background checks, changing the age limit for certain weapons, and a whole lot of talk about mental health programs.

But now, as it appears that Congress will be making some sort of compromise on the subject, CNN is lashing out and suggesting that our nation just scrap the right to bear arms altogether.

Longtime liberal radio host Bill Press wrote an op-ed Thursday calling for the Second Amendment to be outright repealed.

“The only effective way to deal with the Second Amendment is to repeal it — and then replace it with something that makes sense in a civilized society,” Press wrote for CNN in an article titled “There’s no way to fix the Second Amendment. Let’s just get rid of it.”

“I’m hardly the first person to say that the Second Amendment has been a disaster for this country. In fact, two Supreme Court justices — justices appointed by Republican presidents — have said as much,” he added.

And that was far from all:

Press reiterated the claim and expounded on it. He wrote, “Indeed, you only have to read the Second Amendment to see what a fraud it’s become.”

He claimed that “there’s no way you can logically leap” from the text of the Second Amendment “to the unfettered right of any citizen to buy as many guns — and any kind of gun — that they want, without the government being able to do anything about it.”

“It’s clear from the wording of the Second Amendment itself that it has nothing to do with individual gun ownership; nothing to do with self-defense; and nothing to do with assault weapons. The amendment speaks, not to the rights of well-armed individual citizens, but only to citizens as members of a group, a ‘well regulated militia,’” he wrote.

The sanctity of the Second Amendment has been tested time and again, never failing, which makes this suggestion just about as absurd as they come.


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