Conservative Giants Clash: Owens v. Shapiro!

Conservative commentators Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro engaged in a public dispute, primarily centered around Owens’ remarks regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict. Owens had expressed disagreement with some political commentators over her stance on Israel’s actions, drawing criticism from hard-right voices. Shapiro, the founding editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire where Owens hosts her show, called Owens’ behavior during the conflict “disgraceful” in a video posted on social media. Owens responded during an interview, stating that she saw the video when everyone else did, and she couldn’t provide context as it appeared to be from a private event. The exchange escalated when Owens shared a Bible verse on X, and Shapiro responded, suggesting that if taking money from The Daily Wire conflicted with Owens’ beliefs, she should quit. Owens accused Shapiro of being unprofessional and emotionally unhinged, refusing to tolerate his interpretation of biblical scripture. The public dispute unfolded on social media, with various reactions from users, including conservative activist Charlie Kirk expressing confusion over the call for resignation. The disagreement stems from differences in their views on the Israel-Hamas conflict, with Owens facing criticism for her remarks and interpretations during podcasts and interviews. The public exchange highlights internal tensions at the Daily Wire and exposes ideological rifts within conservative circles.

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