Conservatives Shocked Over MSM Comments Amid Nashville Shooting – WATCH

According to Nashville police chief John Drake if it wasn’t for the two officers who immediately engaged the shooter things could have been much worse.

Hale said the alleged shooter, Audrey Hale, a transgender male (biological female), was “prepared to do more harm than was actually done.”

From the Dailymail:

She left a detailed manifesto and plan for the shooting at her home, and another in her car. Cops have yet to disclose its contents or a motive, but Nashville Metro PD Chief John Drake told NBC News he believed “resentment” lay at the core of her behavior.

Norma’s own posts decrying school shootings and calling for increased gun control have emerged in the wake of Hale’s massacre at the school she once attended.

Despite the manifesto, the mainstream media is blaming Christians and the kids for the shooting.

A segment on CNN wanted to ignore the motive and blame the firearm.

“Each of these cases has a motive and a means. The means don’t differ much. As at this stage, I think we don’t own guns, they own us … Pronouns do not kill children, right? People with guns, kill children.”

On the same day of the shooting, ABC News hinted at the unthinkable.

The media once again has egg on their face.


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