Biden Draws Reaction After Speech

President Joe Biden was giving remarks to Prime Minister Mark Brown of the Cook Islands and he tried to use an acronym.

” I’m pleased to announce we’re working with Congress to invest $40 billion [million] in our Pacific Islands Infrastructure Initiative.  We call it the PG- — PI- — anyway, it doesn’t matter what we call it, but that’s what it is. I was going to get back to acronyms, and I’m going to — I’m going to — withstand not doing that,” Biden said.

The White House briefing website struck a line through “billion” because Biden misspoke. 

Biden claimed he is no longer from Scranton; he’s from Baltimore.

Then he had no idea what to do next…

Biden also recently tried to defend his record about funding to Universities and started mumbling.

“Folks have the audacity to say I cut funding for — I saw — heard something I want to — on the Internet — that I cut funding for HBCUs. And I — that’s the furthest thing from the truth. But then again, there’s a lot on the Internet,” Biden mumbled.

It’s no wonder why Biden’s poll numbers are so bad.


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