NYC Israeli Councilwoman Arrested After Images Taken During Protest

New York City Councilwoman Inna Vernikov is a Republican and on October 12, 2023, she joined a Jewish group to counter-protest a pro-Palestinian rally outside Brooklyn College.

“I’m here today to support the Jewish students that are in school today,” she said.

Hours later, she was arrested for carrying a firearm that was tucked in her waistband.

Vernikov has a valid permit to carry. However, there were a few photos taken showing the pistol grip protruding and visible. Open carry in New York City is against the law.

NYPD said in an official police statement that the councilwoman was “observed with the but-end of a firearm (handgun) protruding from the front portion of her pants. This image was disseminated on social media, per photos taken at the scene by various individuals.”

“At no point in time was anyone menaced or injured as a result of her possessing the firearm at the earlier protest,” they added.

While Vernikov was in attendance she recorded a video of herself at the rally, saying “If you are here today standing with these people, you are nothing short of a terrorist without the bombs.”

“I’m here at the pro-Hamas rally in Brooklyn College. There is a ton of police, and we made sure that Jewish students feel safe today,” she said.

“This is what they are doing, protesting, supporting Hamas, asking to globalize the intifada, to bring the terror that the people of Israel are experiencing now, to bring it here to New York City,” Vernikov added.


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