Criminal Referrals are Coming in J6 Committee’s Final Act

Come January, there will no longer be a January 6th select committee operating in the House of Representatives…one way or another.

First and foremost, the group has already suggested that they will be wrapping things up in the coming weeks, but they also realize that their investigation would be forced to end as soon as the GOP takes control of the House in January.

In a final, frantic action, the committee is now preparing criminal referrals for some of their targets.

The Jan. 6 committee will make criminal referrals to the Department of Justice as the panel wraps up its investigation into the events that led up to the deadly riot.

“We have made decisions on criminal referrals,” Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS), the chairman of the committee, told reporters, saying “we will” on the question of whether referrals will be pursued. He added that consideration of witnesses potentially committing perjury is “part of the discussion,” per CNN.

Though the committee decided to send referrals to the DOJ, it is reportedly still considering whom to refer and on what grounds.

Those in the know were of the impression that the referrals could be coming rather quickly.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), a member of the Jan. 6 committee, said Tuesday, “We’re in the process of bringing forward different recommendations to the full committee for consideration.”

A spokesperson for the committee said the “referrals to outside entities should be considered as a final part of its work. The committee will make decisions about specifics in the days ahead.”

Now the real question will be whether or not the committee has the fortitude to actually attempt to charge former President Donald Trump in the crime, given just how distrustful his followers are of the federal government.


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