Critics Go After Homemaking Lifestyle Trend

Full disclosure I had to ask my wife to explain this to me at first because at first I was confused.

However, she knew exactly what was going on and explained it to me. After all, she is smarter than me.

The left is fuming over a new Tik Tok trend of women enjoying a promotion being a “Trad-Wife.”

Millennial moms are on the social media app using the #Trad-Wife to post that they enjoy “looking good for their husband, cooking, and taking care of the kids.”

Below, are a couple of examples…

@herblessedhome what are some things y’all never thought were ‘controversial’ until the internet said so? 🤣🥴 #marriagelife #controversialopinion #tradwife #tradmarriage #tradmarriageroles ♬ original sound – ashley

@madisondastrup to the feminists in my dms #homemaker #housewife #tradwife #wifeandmomlife #sahm #youngmom #thereservedwife #wearethehomemakers #antifeminism ♬ Lazy Beat – Akira Meru

There are millions of posts that are very similar to the two above, and the response from news outlets like the Guardian are telling.

“The new trend for submissive women has a dark heart and history,” reads one headline from The Guardian.

According to the Guardian, if you a woman chooses to  be a stay-at-home mom, they are “oppressed.”

The left-wing publication Vice News specifically targeted Estee Williams, a proud housewife and vocal about it on the social media app.

“I didn’t grow up traditional,” she told Vice News. “And I think that does play a big part in my decision to move towards this lifestyle. I grew up in a very hectic household and my parents got divorced when I was younger.” Williams watched her mother work all hours of the day, then come home and cook and clean for her family. “I just knew I didn’t want to be that wife or mother that went to work full time and came home and still had to do the cooking and cleaning,” she says. “I really admired different families around me who had more of a traditional mother at home doing these things.”


@esteecwilliams Being a traditional wife is my greatest blessing 💕 #NextLevelDish #fyp #viral #tradwife #traditionalwife #traditionalgenderroles #housewife #homemaker #wiveswhostayhome #megawife #makewivesgreatagain #obediantwife #femininenotfeminist #traditional #sandwhichmaker #traditionalmarriage #housewivesofamerica ♬ Viva La Vida – Coldplay

Feminist Noell Cook said the trend is “scary.”

“The most scary to me is the tradwife groups,” Cook said. “They are the younger ones, the homesteaders, the self-sufficiency crowd.” For the record, she says, she doesn’t believe tradwives are deliberately creating fetish content: “The women themselves are using the identity as a white identity or [as a] Biblical womanhood identity.”

How dare you be self-sufficient!

“No trad wife TikToker is saying every woman’s place is in their home. We, as individuals are just choosing to be homemakers. That’s all,” Williams added.

These women as “individuals” are making their own choices and it just happens to be gaining popularity.

That’s what is driving them crazy.

The BBC recently got took some heat over a cheeky skit that ruffled feminist feathers. When you watch it, you’ll see why it hit close to home.


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