Judge Issues Ruling On DC Civil Trump Case

Recently, a federal judge, U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta, made a notable ruling regarding the civil lawsuit filed by Sandra Garza, the girlfriend of the late Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick. Officer Sicknick tragically passed away following the events of January 6th. The lawsuit, which also names rioters Julian Khater and George Tanios as defendants, seeks damages related to Sicknick’s death.

In a 12-page ruling, Judge Mehta dismissed three of the five civil counts in the lawsuit. Specifically, the wrongful death act count and both negligence per se allegations were dismissed. It’s important to note that the D.C. medical examiner’s office found Officer Sicknick died of natural causes, specifically a series of strokes. However, the office did acknowledge that the events of January 6th played a role in his condition.

Despite the dismissal of some counts, the lawsuit is not entirely off the table. Judge Mehta allowed Garza’s claims under D.C.’s Survival Act and the conspiracy to violate a civil rights claim to proceed. The Survival Act permits legal action on behalf of an individual after their death, which is quite significant in this case.

Mark Zaid, an attorney representing Garza, expressed satisfaction that parts of the lawsuit will continue and mentioned the possibility of deposing former President Trump. This shows a determination to seek further legal avenues despite the partial dismissal.

Turning our focus to Officer Sicknick, he joined the Capitol Police in July 2008 and was a responder to the chaotic scene at the Capitol. He was pepper-sprayed during the riot and later died from two thromboembolic strokes. His death has been a focal point in the ongoing discussions and legal actions related to the January 6th events.

Despite one count being allowed to go through even the Judge was wary of the motivation behind the case. Sandra Garza, who filed the lawsuit was the ex-girlfriend of Brian Sicknick. The couple broke up months before J6 but she has shamefully exploited his untimely death for personal gain. Mehta, no fan of J6ers, allowed one count to stand but still called into question her integrity.

You know a case is egregious when even a DC federal judge tosses a case against former President Trump.


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