DA Backs Out Of Domestic Terror Case

Dekalb County District Attorney Sherry Boston has announced that she will not participate in the case against the Southern Poverty Law Center lawyer who is facing domestic terrorism.

The charges stem around the attacks on an Atlanta area Police property that was being developed as a training center.

Left-wing-leaning attackers have targeted the area for months by setting fires, destroying equipment, and shooting a police officer which subsequently led to the death of a protestor.

From the Daily Signal:

Chief Assistant District Attorney Peter Johnson noted that police arrested 23 agitators—including Jurgens—and charged them with domestic terrorism after investigators determined that they split off from the main group of activists.

“This group changed their clothing into all blackout clothing. They had shields, like riot-type shields, they had bags of rocks, fireworks, Molotov cocktails,” Johnson told WXIA-TV/11Alive.

In a March 6 statement, the SPLC confirmed that Jurgens had been arrested and said its lawyer had been present during the Cop City protest as a legal observer with the National Lawyers Guild. The SPLC claimed the arrest of its employee “is not evidence of any crime but of heavy-handed law enforcement intervention against protesters.”

Somebody must have called Boston because initially, she defended the arrests and domestic terrorism charges.

“We’re not talking about people holding signs,” Boston said. “We’re talking about potentially people throwing incendiary devices, rocks, setting things on fire. There’s a huge distinction between those two.”

“It’s not just about an event and people, it’s about is this [a] felonious act aimed specifically to cause economic loss or destroy a government facility or critical infrastructure?” she added.

However, just a few weeks later Boston announced she was withdrawing from the case being led by the state Attorney General’s office.

“We had some differences —when I say we, I mean myself and the attorney general’s office — about who should be charged and what they should be charged with,” she told WABE. Of Jurgens, she said, “That was one of the touch points of a number of touch points that ultimately led me to make the decision that I have made here now.”

So Daniel Penny is facing years behind bars for defending a group of passengers in a subway. But a Democrat District Attorney is refusing to prosecute a case that led to a police officer in critical condition and numerous violent attacks on police.

Below are some videos police released of the attack involving some of the arrests.


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