CNN Host Gets Into Back and Forth With Democrat Mayor

Let’s start with CNN, shall we?

Recently, there was news that Muslim leaders refused to meet with President Joe Biden’s campaign representatives due to the administration’s stance on Israel.

The war in Israel and the border is affecting Biden and his minions are now doing what they’ve done to the right to those on the left that oppose them.

For example, CNN’s Dana Bash got incredibly testy with Dearborn, Michigan Democrat Mayor Abdullah Hammoud.

Hammoud told Bash that the President needs to recognize Arab-Americans as “human beings” and speak to people who have lived overseas “under siege.”

“I would just push back on that and say that international law recognizes the occupation. United Nations resolutions recognize the occupation and the fact, what is unfolding, is apartheid. Every apartheid expert across the globe recognizes this crisis for what it is. Having somebody’s political idea for what’s unfolding versus reality is what the problem is here,” he said.

“Okay, and there are a lot of people who disagree with some of those conclusions and the notion of occupation. Again, we’re not having this debate right now, but I would just say that there are a lot of people who say you can’t occupy a land that you came from initially and that’s why that label and also the question of so-called apartheid is very much hotly debated, which we can have another time,” Bash said. She added that th epurpose of her show is politics and is trying to get a better understanding of how the politics impacts Biden.

Folks, when is the last time you heard someone from CNN talk to another Democrat guest like that?

Next up, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who only after bringing the border crisis to national attention, now seems to find himself under a series of investigators.

Nancy Pelosi herself said that she demands pro-Palestinia groups protesting be investigated by the FBI.

Squad member Rep. Cori Bush, who’s been critical of Biden’s Israel policy, now finds herself under criminal investigation.

The internal numbers must be bad because the Biden Administration isn’t playing around he’s using the same tactics they first used on the right for anyone who isn’t on board with his agenda.


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