DC Official Says Migrant Buses ‘Turned Us Into a Border Town’

When it comes to the southern border of the US, the political lines are fairly well defined.  On the right, the border is an unmanageable mess in its current form, and everyone, (including the migrants), would be better off if more work was done to funnel them into the legal, safe, naturalization process.

On the left, however, telling anyone “no” is a problem.  A border wall is “racist”, despite the sheer number of deaths that occur under the care of “coyote” human traffickers, and the troubling conditions within our own detention facilities on the border.

And so, in Texas, officials began sending buses full of migrants to liberal cities such as Washington DC, both to help demonstrate the sort of trouble that they’d been seeing in the south, and to send them migrants in the general direction of the folks who tell them to keep coming.

In the nation’s capital, it appears as though they’ve learned their lesson.

Washington, DC, council member Brianne Nadeau on Thursday blamed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) for the migrant crisis in the sanctuary city, contending that they “turned us into a border town.” 

“So it’s been said, but it’s worth reiterating, that the governors of Texas and Arizona have created this crisis,” Nadeau said on Thursday as the governors have sent migrant buses to Mayor Muriel Bowser’s (D) D.C.

Here is where Nadeau, possibly inadvertently, says the quiet part out loud.

“So we, along with our regional partners, will do what we’ve always done. We’ll rise to the occasion. We’ve learned from border towns like El Paso and Brownsville. And in many ways, the governors of Texas and Arizona have turned us into a border town,” Nadeau lamented. “We don’t know how long this will take to resolve.

“We don’t know how long they will continue busing, and so the right thing to do here is to be prepared to ensure we can greet every bus, we can get people off on the right foot, we can get them where they want to go, and that will ultimately help them in their immigration process,” she added.

There, with one swift sentence, a DC official finally admitted that there are issues in border towns…and all it took was walking a mile in their shoes to see it.



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